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The Steve Airhart Collection

This tribute seed collection has been set up to commemorate the life and accomplishments of Steve Airhart, a resident of Stirling, Ontario and long-time member of Seeds of Diversity Canada and the Seeds Savers Exchange in the States.


Steve taught for 34 years at the Junior and Intermediate levels of high school in Toronto and Belleville, Ontario and was often found at the Centre Hastings High School in the greenhouses where he helped students gain the knowledge needed to start seedlings, care for plants and grow their own vegetable gardens. He was also a Master Gardener for over 15 years where he was able to share his passion for day lily hybridization and the preservation of heirloom bean and tomato varieties. His spare time (when he had it) was often spent volunteering at the Gleaners Food Bank in Belleville.


Steve passed away in September, 2019 leaving the bulk of his seed collection in the care of Terra Edibles. What we are offering here is a selection of his seeds that we hope will be grown out, saved and cherished as Steve Airhart has done over the many years of his life.


The seeds of the past become the seeds of the future.

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