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~ Testimonials ~

I just wanted to say that I discovered you last year and I was impressed. Your seed outshone all the other companies. Pretty near every seed sprouted and in record time. I don't know what you are doing right but I was impressed. Love to support a small company with a passion for tomatoes even greater than my own!

-- Katherine

Karyn at Terra Edibles is a pioneer in heirloom vegetable and flower seeds. Her little shop in Foxboro is chock full of good ideas, from seeds to seedlings.

-- Catherine

I highly recommend the ground cherries.

--Ground Cherry Thief

I have planted my tomato seeds indoors in Jiffy peat pellets (expanded) over a warming mat. The germination rate on the Cosmonaut Volkov seeds I got from Terra Edibles this year was 100%. I have been starting tomatoes from seed for 40+ years and have never had seeds with a perfect germination rate.

-- John

Thank you for making our last gala such a success! Your donation helped us enrich the lives of military families.

-- Tamara

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