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Thanks to our many friends and customers who visit our booth for Seedy Saturdays and other shows we attend.
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organically grown heirloom seeds

Dear Gardening Friends,

2016 was a challenging year in many ways. Some parts of the country were hit with long periods of drought while other places had to contend with floods. Here in Foxboro, while we had the drought, we are blessed with a good well and were able to water just enough to keep the tomatoes growing. In fact we had a bumper year of cherry tomatoes. Please feel free to order as much seed as you need of these. Try one of our new varieties for your balcony or back deck: Minibel is a cute wee plant that produces beautiful red cherry tomatoes. And there are several new bean varieties on the website. The White Currant tomato and locally-developed Duane Baptiste Potato bean are also back due to popular demand.

Terra Edibles offers over 100 varieties of heirloom tomato seeds as well as beans, other popular vegetables and herbs. All are organically-grown and many varieties have been grown out by certified organic growers – indicated with a ‘CO’. Each seed packet is only $3.00 (plus taxes). We have held the line for another year on costing and try to keep our shipping fees competitive as well.

Our seeds are available in packets designed for the home gardener. Tomato and pepper packets contain 50–100 seeds; bean and pea packets: 25–50; most herbs: 100+. The number of seeds per packet may vary due to size, type and availability.

If you are in the Quinte/Belleville area, visit the Village Green store and greenhouse in Foxboro where we maintain a fine selection of locally-made and natural products (e.g. soaps, candles, food items). In the spring, we offer thousands of tomato and herb seedlings for sale. (Sorry, we do not ship seedlings.) The store is open year-round Tuesdays to Saturdays, 9–5. If you cannot make it to Foxboro, join us at one of the ‘Seedy Saturday/Sunday’ events (Toronto, Ottawa, Perth, Peterborough, Kingston, Picton — www.seeds.ca has a complete list of Canadian seedy shows). Or visit us at the Peterborough Garden Show on April 7–9, 2017. For more information, call 613-961-0654.

Happy gardening and good health to you and yours in 2017,
Karyn Wright, Don McKay .... and the kids and cats.

Since 1992 Terra Edibles has offered open-pollinated
heirloom seeds that have been produced organically.

The Tomato Bulletin - a must for tomato lovers !
Our updated 36-page tomato information booklet contains sections on heirlooms vs. hybrids, growing tomatoes, diseases and pests, harvesting your crop, preserving your tomatoes (canning, juicing, drying) and saving your heirloom tomato seeds for another year of bounty. This revised version features a chart describing many popular heirlooms. A ‘must-have’ for all new growers.

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The seeds we offer are produced organically, are open-pollinated, and are mostly heirloom varieties which means you can save your seed.

Varieties grown as certified have a "CO" beside their name.
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Foxboro is a charming little village located just north of Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Customers are always welcome to purchase Terra Edibles' seed directly from our organic general store, the Village Green, located on the mainstreet of Foxboro. Many of our tomato seedlings are available here as well, during May and June. If you are in the area we look forward to your visit.

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