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Since 1992 Terra Edibles has offered open-pollinated heirloom seeds that have been produced organically. Many are grown here in Foxboro, but we do purchase some seed from other organic growers to maintain a diverse variety of hardy stock. At this time, the Terra Edibles' fields are 'in transition' with 'certified organic' status pending.

Foxboro is a charming little village located just north of Belleville, Ontario. Customers are always welcome to purchase Terra Edibles seed directly from our retail store, the Village Green, located on the main street of Foxboro. And during May and June, many of our tomatoes are available in seedling form.

The number of seeds per packet varies with the type of vegetable or flower. Generally, there are about 100 seeds in each tomato packet, 30-50 seeds of beans and peas and 50-60 of the cucurbits. Flowers and herb numbers vary depending on the size of the seed and its availability.

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