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Oil of Oregano

Joy of the Mountains is a small family-run herbal company based in B.C. Their oregano oil (based in extra virgin olive oil) is imported from the Mediterranean, tested for purity and bottled in 10ml dropper bottles. This food-grade oil of oregano is a natural treatment for infections internal and external.

Oil of Oregano
Price: $23.00
Quantity in Basket: none
Wild Mediterranean oregano - "Nature's most powerful and versatile healing remedy" with 75% carvacrol +. Studies have proven oregano oil to be as effective as prescription antibiotics in the combat of bacterial infections; it is also capable of destroying other pathogens that antibiotics cannot fight: viruses, fungi and parasites. Oil of oregano is also a powerful antioxidant. The 10 ml dropper bottle comes with an informative brochure which includes background material, recommended use, dosage and references.

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